Greenhouse frame BARNAS

Modern high-strength fast-mounted BARNAS greenhouses of polycarbonate (Russian production). Proved quality since 2008! Implemented innovative improvements in 2015: crab mounting system, the minimum number of different components, increased durability due to computer simulation and design changes, additional ventilator, second door, full automation of production, a compact box for transportation in the car!

BARNAS greenhouses advantages

Теплица под сотовый поликарбонат Barnas

Форточки боковыеSIDE VENTLIGHT
not included
Высокая прочность
snow and wind loads >1 000 kg
width: 1,0m; height 1,8m,
comfortable plant care


Удлинительный модуль
can be extended multiply 2m

multicultivator and trolley pass easily
made of galvanized steel
Форточки торцевые
both sides
good ventilation
Простота конструкцииSIMPLE CONSTRUCTION
install by yourself within 2 hours
Соединение на крабах
all the pipes in one plane,

polycarbonate lies precisely
Удобная упаковка
can be loaded to any car
box weight 20kg

BARNAS greenhouses characteristics

  • High-speed self-assembly - 2-3 hours due to the maximum number of unique elements.
  • Wide 1 meter door - trolley, motoblock and tiller pass easily.
  • Convenient plant care - 2 doors at the ends  
  • Good airing and pollynating of plants - 2 ventlights.
  • Simple possibility to increase the size of the greenhouse multiple of 2m by purchasing and installing of additional elements in the frame.
  • High stiffness and strength due to "crab" connections - up to 350 kg / sq.m.
  • Long service life of 15 years - galvanized frame.
  • Low price thanks to the serial production.

Prices and model range

Теплица 3х4 цена

Greenhouse 3x4x2,1m

Doors - 2 pcs.: 1,0x1,8m
Ventlights (for doors) - 2 pcs.: 0,96x0,4m

Package (2 pcs.): 
200х40х15 cm,
Weight - 20kg each

In stock


 Теплица 3х6 недорого

Greenhouse 3x6x2,1m

Doors - 2 pcs.: 1,0x1,8m
Ventlights (for doors) - 2 pcs.: 0,96x0,4m

Package - 3 boxes:
200x40x15см, 20 kg - 2 pcs.
200x40x15cm, 15 kg 

In stock


Теплица из поликарбоната размер 3х8м

Greenhouse 3x8x2,1m

Doors - 2 pcs.: 1,0x1,8m
Ventlights (for doors) - 2 pcs.: 0,96x0,4m

Package - 4 boxes:
200x40x15cm, 20 kg - 2 pcs.
200x40x15cm, 15 kg - 2 pcs.

In stock

Accessories for greenhouses BARNAS

Усилитель теплицыAmplifier for greenhouses. Height 2,1m. Required 
3 pcs. for 3x4m,
5 pcs for 3x6m


Грунтовые зацепыGround hooks
Package 4 pcs.
Box: 4,1kg, 83х14х8cm


Грядки в теплицеWPC garden beds


Капельный полив для теплицы
Automatic watering for greenhouses


Ведро - тележка на колесах

Wheelbarrow. For soil,crop,water, fertilizer


Автомат для проветривания теплицы
Automatic opener of window and door.

Photos of greenhouse installation

Сборка торца теплицы Каркас теплицы Монтаж теплицы на грунт Крабовый крепеж
Крепление сотового поликарбоната Зашивка торца теплицы Увеличитель теплицы 3х6 Монтаж поликарбоната
Теплица в сборе Внутри теплицы Широкая дверь теплицы Форточка теплицы

 How to choose a greenhouse

Pay attention to some greenhouse specialities when you're about to make a choise!

  1. The frame of the omega profile is very cheap less durable and self-assembly (rather complicated) will take approx 2 days. Professional assemblers will install for 4-8 hours and it will cost about 50% of the price of the greenhouse.
  2. The frame of not welded square tube significantly reduces the strength (check snow loads of such greenhouses)
  3. Greenhouses with pipes conected by the bolted joints (not "crabs") have lower durability
  4. Not galvanized but painted profile significantly reduces the service life of the greenhouse due to corrosion.
  5. "Non-standard" greenhouses sizes - you'll always have excess of polycarbonate
  6. One ventlight, one door or narrow door can make the construction cheaper at the expense of convenience and crop.

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