Decorative fences and decking. Application photos.

Application of wood-polymer composite decking and decorative fences of is huge - from the usual arbors and terraces on the country side to the piers and wharves. From the usual pavilions and terraces in the suburban area to the piers and wharves that receive passenger ships. In this section, we will post pictures of all the possible options for the use of decking. Some objects will be the ones that we did ourselves, but something presented was seen somewhere in real life. Did you like something and want to do the same? Nothing could be easier - call us and we will make the image a reality in a short time.

Send your photos of decking, decorative fences, interesting architectural solutions and we will gladly post your pictures on our website in this section.

Photos of application of decking and fences

Open terraces
in country houses

Recreation areas
around pools

Summer patios,
street cafes

The trails,
garden paths

Терраса Пространство вокруг бассейнов Декинг в летнее кафе Садовые дорожки из ДПК

WPC decking on

Terrace decking
balconies photos

Night tracks 
with illumination

landing stages

Детская площадка Террасная доска на балконе Подсветка дорожек Пирс из ДПК

Seafronts, park
recreation areas

Decorative or real 
bridges accross the river

Fishing bridges

Deck plank on
yachts and other vessels

Набережная Мостик из ДПК Рыбацкий мостик Композитная доска на яхте

WPC terrace

verandahs fencing

WPC balconies enclosure

Townhouses territory

Декоративное ограждение террас Ограждение веранд Ограждение балконов Holzdorf Ограждение территорий

street arbors

Piers for ships
and boats

(garden decking)

Deck railings

Настил в беседке Морской причал из террасной доски Флоринг (Flooring) Палубные ограждения

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