Concrete substitute HILST for fast and simple installation of fences

Want to install fence 2 times faster? 1.5 times cheaper? With no dirt and efforts? Unreal? Take a look at the revolutionary HILST system.

 Products and prices

Альтернатива бетону Hilst Standart

HILST Standart

For private use
To install up to 15 posts

Pack: 1,5L (1L bottle with 0,5L component volume & 0,5L bottle with 0,5L volume), 1 kg
Up to 2 posts

Price: 10€

Заменитель бетона HILST Professional

HILST Professional

For large volumes and professional installation teams.
To install up to 15 posts.

Pack: 10L 
(2 cannisters 5L each), 10 kg. 
Up to 20 posts

Price: 89€

Замена бетона HILST Expert

HILST Expert

For heavily loaded posts (posts of power lines)

Pack: 40L
(2 buckets 20L each), 40 kg

Price: 329€

Concrete substitute HILST

Монтаж столбов ЛЭП с помощью заменителя бетона

HILST System - a revolutionary solution in the construction of traditional structures. Its main application - to fill the base of the posts, ensuring their stability and durability. 

HILST is based on composite materials. Contains of two compenents which you need to mix up to start works. Water is not required, which facilitates the installation steps, the mix is made directly before pouring the hole. HILST - simple and quick construction of the fence. Assembling specialists note following advantages of this material:

  • High curing speed, almost 10 times faster than concrete;                 
  • Easy to use – All you do is mix the contents of the two containers, do not produce the volume measurements and density of the mixture is not estimated;
  • Монтаж забора по системе HILSTHigh durability thanks to perfect permeability to the soil. Filling the hole with a mixture, the consumer receives the likeness of a strong root system of a tree, as HILST fills all voids and capillaries of the soil. This design securely holds the base of the fence post in the ground, giving it stability in the most unfavorable conditions;
  • Cost. 1 kg of HILST can replace 40 kg of sand and concrete. This makes it particularly convenient to use this material in the remote from civilization and automotive roads places: not required to provide road for concrete mixer or search for a generator to connect the mixer
  • Minimum of physical effort. No need to carry on a heavy cement bags, if the fence is constructed in absolutely inaccessible to transport place. And the concrete, usually trampled in one place and then manually pulled apart on the site.
  • Установка заборного столба с использованием заменитель бетонаMaximum efficiency. For example, the indisputable advantage is the fact that in this case it's not required to dig a wide hole, the diameter should be only slightly larger than the diameter of the post (exceed it by only 2-3 cm) - just enough to fill to the finished mixture, which do not have be sealed or distributed.
  • Purity. No dirt, trash and residues after works. Mix, pour, recycle the package. That's it!


The fence on 12 acres area in one day - reality. Fast. No efforts. No dirt and trash. HILST.