WPC enclosures for flower beds


Enlosures for flower beds of wood-polymer composite (WPC) - a beautiful and durable solution for flower beds and garden beds on the terrace or in the greenhouse.

Prices for flower and garden beds holzhof

Оригинальная клумбаCorner (docking) element
Price per pc. - 2,3 €
Доска для грядок из ДПКWPC deck 150x25x3000mm
Price - 3,3 €/l.m.

Example of garden bed calculation - size 3x1 meter:

WPC deck: 8 meters x 3,3 € = 26,4 €
Corner (docking) element: 4pcs. x 2,3 € = 9,2 €
Total: 26,4 € + 9,2€ = 35,6 €

Attention! All decks are supplied multiply to 3 meters.

ЦветникAdvantages of WPC flower beds

  • Aesthetic appearance and stylish design of the form of sawn wood in a cut
  • Durability: WPC deck is not affected to rot, destruction and fading
  • Simple installation: special attachment fix board securely
  • Rotary: you can make a flower bed at an angle of 60 degrees with various forms.
  • Multilevel: special attachment are simply and at the same time securely joined to each other
  • Traditional standards for wood boards: 150mm width, 25mm thickness, 6m length.


Цветочница клумба Грядки для цветов Клумба из ДПК
Клумбы_из_ДПК Клумба с цветами

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