Ecodeck terrace decking (Suture)

Stylish, reliable, time-tested Ecodeck decking with large reference-list of application in Russia.

Ecodeck advantages

  • The harmonious appearance. An unusual, non-standard style of terrace surfaces.
  • On the basis of polyethylene with a high content of wood flour (up to 70%) (which provides wood-like feel).
  • Profile width 165 mm that allows to save on the fasteners and increases the speed of installation.
  • Low price with excellent quality and considerable experience of application including commercial objects.
  • Size: 165x24x4000 (6000)mm
  • Colour range: wenge, brown

Террасная доска Ecodeck Экодек

Ecodeck description

  • Has a special brushed surface that prevents slipping for bare feet in rainy weather.
  • Calming, and at the same time very popular, brown (chocolate). This color is perfect for any style of terrace. We use only sunlight resistant pigments for the board coloring.
  • Significant service life for more than 20 years, even at commercial facilities. Decking Ecodeck brand is protected from destruction with UV rays by the special additives, which greatly extends the service life.
  • As part of this decking contains only eco-friendly components. As we have understood, Decking WPC created as environmentally friendly and resource-saving. It contains no toxic impurities such as formaldehyde resins.
  • It is worth to mention the simplicity and speed of installation as well as the advantage of any suture flooring in case of accidental breakage of board - you can replace one of them without disassembling the entire decking very fast.
  • Easy care. Just wash with cold water from a hose. For spots washing use soap solution.
  • Long service life is also possible thanks to the reliable protection from destruction under the influence of ultraviolet rays by the special additives.

WPC Ecodeck decking - ecology first

Пример применения террасной доски Ecodeck на пирсе в г. ГеленджикеThe era of care for the natural resources, for the ecology of the environment and the use of modern durable and cost-effective materials.

Applying as a major component of wood flour with the addition of the polymer (in this case, polyethylene), we get a unique material with properties that is resistant to all the vagaries of nature and ready for recycling. A mixture of 70% wood and 30% of the binder allows to make production with the aesthetic appearence, tactile experience, and the smell of wood, and at the same time durable, easy-care and durable coating.

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