PVC based terrace decking holzhof

What is a seamless decking? This board with the presence of the relief profile on both sides, which is necessary to prevent the sliding effect that is ideal for the construction of the floor covering in the open air: on the quays, piers, garden paths outdoor balconies, verandas, arbors, terraces.

Seamless PVC holzhof decking description

  • Installation without fasteners
  • The increased level of durability
  • High decking strength - thanks to the adhesion of boards between each other with a spike-groove system
  • PVC base - durability, UV resistance, minimal thermal expansion
  • Perfect "monolithic" coverage without gaps - invisible fasteners, you'll never get heels stuck 
  • Service life over 30 years
  • Sizes: 25x145x3000, 4000, 6000 mm
  • Colours: Wenge(dark brown), Coral (red), Amber (sand), Anthracite (grey black), or anything else by the order!

Террасная доска бесшовная

  • Profile holzhof has a working size of 25 x 145mm (overall width of 150mm)
  • Profile with height of 25mm has 6 stiffeners (which corresponds to strength the profile 30mm with 5 ribs).
  • Shrink wrapping with holzhof logo
  • Each box has the packing list holzhof with batch data and date of manufacture
  • The ends of the packages have a protective cardboard sleeve
  • In each package there are gaps the polyurethane compensators for each board

Production of WPC decking holzhof

A seamless decking holzhof is manufactured by extrusion based on wood-polymer composite, which is obtained by mixing crushed wood (wood flour) with the polymer. This mixture improves the strength characteristics of the product and its resistance to environmental influences, while retaining naturalness.

Seamless terrace decking - only positive side

One of the main features of the popularity of decking holzhof is the possibility of a seamless installation that stems from a number of advantages:

  • The complete absence of gaps on the seamless floor , so you'll never get you heels stuck. Actual for summer cafes
  • The absence of complicated fastening, lags or bases
  • Plants can't germinate through the floor
  • We use only proven over the years material which has positive customer responses during manufacturing of PVC decking holzhof
  • The holzhof decking has the ideal percentage of polymeric and natural wood materials, whereby the decking board with PVC basis has unique parameters of strength, quality and reliability.

Терраса бесшовного типа HolzhofWe can name just few examples of the use of PVC in household and you will immediately understand and appreciate the advantages of terrace boards: food film, plastic cups, cases of home appliances, lamination film for laminate and furniture, linoleum, window sills, windows ... And it's all thanks to a special PVC properties:

  • Durability
  • Resistance to rotting process
  • No UV destruction
  • The increased level of durability
  • Minimal thermal expansion
  • Stable color
  • Elementary care, resistant to aggressive environments
  • Does not support burning
  • Environmentally friendly

Technical characteristics of WPC decking holzhof





Overall dimension


25x150x4000 (6000) mm
Working dimension


25x145x4000 (6000) mm

Weight kg/m2 или kg/l.m. 14 или 1,8
Density kg/m3 1250
Wood flour type   Pine
Polymer type   Polyvinylchloride
The percentage of polymer and wood flour % 50/50
Maximum withstand load kg/m2 520
The maximum pressure on the point kg/cm2 200
Maximum linear dimensions of oscillation at an alternating influence of moisture and heat mm/l.m. < 1 mm
Operating temperature of decking 0С  -50 to +80
Group of combustibility   Г2
Group of flammability*   В1
Service life: years > 35

*No possibility of fire during contact of smoldering cigarette or coals from a brazier with the floor.

Furthermore we should note:

  1. The high level of  chemicals resistance: easy stain removal using a conventional detergent.
  2. Resistance to UV: UV additives are available as part of board, it is painted with the color pigments with light resistance 7-8.
  3. Specific operational requirements: no extra care
  4. Slip resistance: Class C, that is the best indicator of slip resistance. Recommended for use in public places!
  5. Resistance to fungal masses and decay: not susceptible to this attack.

Decking holzhof - ideal for use in commercial objects with high traffic, such as open-air cafes, for example, operated roofs, decks, piers.

Application of the coating holzhof based on our executed works


Террасная доска Holzhof на летнем кафе в Волгограде

Ступени и крыльцо из декинга

Террасная доска holzhof в Сочи
Летняя веранда кафе Эска в г. Москва

Holzhof террасная доска вокруг бассейна

Обшивка балконов террасной доской
Holzhof в летнем кафе г. Екатеринбург

Holzhof балкон цвет терракот

Декинг Holzhof на пирсе


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