WPC Decking

The material used in construction, has excellent aesthetic properties and ecologically safe. WPC board holzhof consists 55% of wood, 35% - of the polymers, 10% - the stabilizers and pigments. It has properties that are inherent to natural wood and durable qualities typical for polymers.

holzhof decking main characteristics

  • Service time - over 10 years.
  • Two-sided surface: 'wood-like" and "wide velveteen
  • Both surfaces are machined, which completely eliminates the slip.
  • No splinters. Use of the wood flour, not the sawdust 
  • Board has a high resistance to UV and fading.
  • You can use a soap solution to remove dirt and grease.
  • Doesn't need special care and permanent treatment.
  • Popular for fences, facades and construction of terraces.
  • Sizes 18x140x3000mm, other lengths - by the order.
  • Brown colour is in stock. By the order: light-brown, green, black, red, blue,white

Доска универсальная

Specialities of universal profile

On the appearance holzhof WPC board decking is very similar to a wooden terrace, but the major advantage of this board is its versatility. Because of its size it has a minimum specific weight, which significantly expands the possibilities of its application.

Variety of colors of this board allows its wide use in the interior and to implement the most courageous design decisions.

Thanks to traditional and convenient mounting system with plastic capping, the installation of the board is done fairly quickly without the help of professionals.

Universal board is two-sided, allowing you to change the appearance of the exterior of the object at any time.

Suture board mounting system allows it to easily cope with large flows of water (if used on the terraces) or provide ventilation (when used as decoration on venfacade).

WPC board holzhof application arreas

Board of wood-polymer composite holzhof is designed floor covering, wall cladding, construction of fences, arbors.

Террасный настил Доска ДПК универсальная Доска террасная ДПК

With qualities such as durability, strength, ease and speed of installation, this material is widely used in the construction of:

  • terraces, garden paths *
  • flooring on the decks of ships, boats and landing stages (when the coating weight is important and significaly affectc the displacement of the vessel) *
  • on the balconies and loggias as floor and wall sheathing *
  • fences and noise screens (low weight, doesn't require massive base and crosspieces)
  • ventilated facades
  • arbors,  parapets wall decoration, risers
  • cornices binder

* When using this profile as the terraced flooring, the recommended width between logs maximum of 25 cm. On commercial buildings or high crowded places use only the velvet side.

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