Darvolex suture WPC decking

Floor covering for Davrolex terraces made of wood-polymer composite. These building products used for the manufacture of floors, have excellent aesthetic properties and are environmentally friendly. The composition of the WPC 50% of wood and 40% of polyethylene polymer, 10% - additives, stabilizers  and pigments. Thanks to this balanced composition, composite decking Davrolex has the properties of natural wood and long-lasting qualities and strength of polymers.

Darvolex decking properties

  • Suture type.
  • Sizes 23,5x150x4000 (6000) mm.
  • Antislip surface. Brushed surface
  • No splinters. The wood flour composition is used instead of sawdust.
  • High strength and durability. Already established itself on many Russian status objects (see. Our works).
  • UV and fade resistant. Contains of natural painters
  • Service life 30 years and more.


Description of composite terrace decking Davrolex

  1. The appearance of the composite decking is very similar to the traditional terrace decking made of wood (with the texture of "Velvet"), such as larch has. The only thing that this board has just a certain color, while natural wood still needs to process and achieve the desired color. Just the presence of various colors of finished products, allows you to apply this coating in a variety of combinations to create originals design works.
  2. Convenient and simple mounting system saves a lot of time during installation, and allows to do it without even professional workers.
  3. The board has two working sides, so you can always swap them and thus change the entire terrace exterior.
  4. Due to the fact that the decking is laid with stitches (suture type), it allows the use of this material on a large area and the areas around swimming pools, for example, where it is required to cope with large amounts of water.

Application of Darvolex decking

Due to the high strength properties, durability, temperature range operation (all thanks to PVC binder), a high speed of installation (this is especially important for large areas where installation time is often limited), this type of WPC used in various areas: piers, bridges, marinas, wetland area, terraces, operated roofs, garden paths. Also note that besides the profile (hollow) decking, there is solid decking Darvolex, which has won its place in the application of the pier, landing stage, the decks of ships and yachts, as it has enhanced characteristics on shock loads.


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