Examples of our competed objects

Веранда с цветочницами

TV program "Fazenda". Decoration with flower tanks

Built a an arbor? Now it's important to make it cozy and comfortable. And one of the elements of the beautiful and stylish decor - flower wood-like tanks that has been used in the most unusual applications.


Cottage terrace fencing

White fences from wood-polymer material with high strength and fade-resistant  white coating made by advanced technology of co-extrusion. See our photo gallery from the chronicle of construction, consisting of 18 photos.

Lotte Plaza

Exploited roof of Lotte Plaza hotel

Works on installation of Woozen decking boards with NewMaxi (Eternoivica) adjustable supports operated on the roof of the restaurant of Lotte Plaza hotel (Moscow). 1,350 sq.m. area of summer terrace. 

ДПК ограждение

Terrace fencing 5 years later

Our terrace fencing holzhof white is installed in the heart of Chelyabinsk in the "Bon-Bon" cafe for already 5 years. No changes in product form , despite the harsh weather conditions in the Ural. No doubts in quality. See the gallery and visit cafe!

Декинг Астрахань

Summer cafe "Terrasa" (Astrakhan)

Proven, classic design and colors, practical and durable (and that's why popular among restaurants) decking "Darvolex " now adorns one of the Astrakhan's city center outdoor cafe on Kirova st. 17. We definitely recomend to visit this cafe

ДПК доска на кровле

Exploited roof in office center

The new fashionable and practical solution for the conquest of urban spaces - operated roof. Office center "Na Voikovskoi" now uses the roof as a transition for employees between the buildings. All tracks are made of wood-polymer composite, namely - holzhof board.

Ограждения для балконов и террас

WPC fences for townhouses

Brown fences holzhof are installed in "New Moscow"'s one of the townhouses village. Terraces, enterance groups, balconies -  everything is enclosed with practical and durable decorative fences of wood-polymer composit. Check the photos of use options.


Hangar for icing reagents

Operative storage stock of icing reagents is the task that usually arises unexpectedly before each winter season. And, perhaps, the only solution for this is fast-mounted tent hangars, it doesn't require a construction permit, as they are the temporary structures. See photos of application examples.

Террасная доска бесшовная в ресторане Бали

"Bali" restaurant

We've built the summer terrace of the restaurant "Bali" (Saint-Petersburg) on the top of the shopping center (exploited roof). We used the seamles decking holzhof - perfect solution for commercial application (highly durable).

Беседка Фазенда

The arbor construction in "Fazenda"

"Arbor for a big company' was the topic of "1st" channel telecast 1st. It was built of many modern materials including: WPC decking, garden flooring (decking tiles), outdoor furniture (tables and chairs) and hammocks for relaxation and comfort .

Аттракционы в парке Сокольники

Rubber tiles in Sokolniki Park

For a quiet holiday for adults and children safe outdoor activities in the territory of children's amusement park Sokolniki in Moscow we laid an injury-safe rubber tiles Gangart. We invite you to visit the modern cultural playground park for carefree holiday, which will make you feel comfortable for both adults and children.

Древесно-полимерный композит

Exploited roofs in CV "Skolkovo"

With the beginning of spring we began working on the installation of the exploited roofs in the cottage "Skolkovo" using a Woozen decking and Forest Style adjustable supports.

Террасная доска Астрахань

Astrakhan. "Medveditsa" recreation center. WPC decking and fences

Pierce should live long, be durable and practical. But that's not all the requirements. Aesthetic component plays an important role in the vacation place (the pierce of modern and beautiful recreation center) . That's why the WPC materials were used for the construction.

Тентовое укрытие зимой

450С below zero - "so far so good"

You may think that construction of the garage in the winter - a thankless task. Think again. For residents of Yakutia 200C is quite familiar and not so extreme conditions for construction. It took no more than 2 hours in the cold to build the garage tent . But that's not important test - it was important to "survive" in 45 degrees of frost, and this step has been successfully passed.

Тентовое укрытие

Garage for snowmobile

Exploitation of tent constructions in winter conditions in the Far North, in the permafrost - not such a tricky task. Bring in a box on a car, install it for one hour and use for several years. And if necessary it can be disassembled quickly and moved to a new location. And you may be calm about snow drifts.

Патио из ДПК

Seamless decking in sanatorium near Moscow

In the suburban sanatorium we performed works on installation of seamless type terrace decking. PVC based WPC adhesive properties ensure a high abrasion resistance and as a result, good performance characteristics that allow it to operate on any commercial site for many years.

Гараж для квадроцикла

Quad bike garage within one hour - for real.

The speed of construction of the shed, garage or barn (especially in autumn when it's cold, slushy and is about to freeze the ground and go snow) has a high importance. Usually there is no time and desire to perform the construction in the summer, and it is not economically justified. Perhaps the best solution is to bring and collect the outbuildings within a few hours.

Забор из ДПК Holzhof

Fence made of WPC decking

Terrace decking WPC is the traditional use of composite board, but do not forget about the other application segments, such as siding, construction of architectural and ornamental plants, as well as fences. This example shows a photo of the fence as one of the options for the use of a composite decking material holzhof.

Ограждения Holzdorf

Decking and fence with illumination holzhof

Novosibirsk. Townhouse village. Outdoor patio. Holzhof suture type decking and wood-polymer composite decorative fences are applied. The project has turned out unique due to the fences made with lighting. 


Holzhof террасная доска

Holzhof - Seamless pine сolors decking in Rostov-on-Don

Unconventional solution for open air recriation zone has been found by Rostov entrepreneurs. Large, almost Olympic size swimming pool, whirlpool, relaxation area with deck chairs, cafes, and even a dance floor - all in one huge area of over 1,600 sq.m. The culmination decision was application of PVC-based seamles type holzhof decking. 

Терраса с ограждениями

Decking Darvolex and holzhof fences in Ekaterinburg

Full progress of construction on the lake shore of terraces with decking and fences of wood-polymer composite is presented in this photo report.

Applied materials - WPC decking Darvolex and composite decorative fences Holzhof.

Holzdorf терраса-беседка

Arbor of wood-plastic fencing and decking

The durability and practicality, beauty and modern look - all embodied in the decorative fence of wood-polymer composite holzhof. A seamless WPC decking, laid at the base of the building, is the perfect complement unified style, conceived by the designer.


Darvolex в Анапе

Darvolex decking in the "Beliy Plyazh" hotel, Anapa

Modern club hotel "White Beach" in Anapa has started its work on June 1st . On laid throughout the hotel more than 2 000 sq.m. decking "Darvolex". This modern hotel complex is truly called "the pearl" of Anapa his unique style of thought-out infrastructure and confidently overtake many tourists favorite hotels in Turkey and Egypt resorts.

Пирс Геленджик

Ecodeck decking on the pierce in Gelendzhik

Installation of decking and decorative designs on a pedestrian pier hotel "Primorye" in Gelendzhik. The main material selected was decking board of wood-polymer composite Ecodeck. The total decking area of over 700 square meters, and the time of installation of all decking installers own brigade was only 12 days.

Ограждение балкона террасной доской

Balcony decking with Darvolex board

This type of coating found its use not only as a floor covering, but also for walls of entire balcony. Since the balcony open and glazed - this material, perhaps, the most suitable as a decoration, because it has high performance for outdoor use.

The open terrace of a country house

The terrace of a country house in the Moscow region got a stylish look due to the use of WPC decking Holzdorf and the white fence of wood-polymer composite. The uniqueness of this of terraces is that it is made around the trees garden, creating warmth and comfort of suburban life.

Brown decorative WPC fences in a country house

Works on installation of decorative fencing brown WPC holzhof. Designer's decision was to get rid of already bored continuous high fences around the house and create a "light" and aesthetic space in front of the house, a sort of modern garden. And it managed to implement with a simple and elegant solution in the form of decorative fences of holzhof.

Ограждения для балконов

Balconies fencing holzhof in cottage settlement

The installation of decking and brown decorative fencing holzhof in one of cottage villages near Moscow. All houses have the same architectural style, so it was decided to carry out all the balconies of the cottage settlement in a brown color. The ideal material for this design was the decking of WPC and the same name Holzdorf decorative fence (carrying out, by the way, the supporting function).

Террасная доска ДПК Экодек

Restaurant in "Tseleevo" golf-club

We installed the Ecodeck decking in the "Tseleevo" golf club restaurant. The main floor of 150 sq.m. is made collapsible and aimed to preserve turf. For the World Golf Tournament we made several arbors of 20 sq.m. throughout the territory of the sports complex - for judging.

Террасная доска ДПК Holzdorf в Сочи

"Drozd" cafe in Sochi has a holzhof decking

Beautiful two-level cafe "Drozd" with stunning views of the sea, is located on the seafront of the Black Sea, below the "Summer Theatre". Summer terrace of the first floor of the café is made of seamless holzhof decking boards. This board is the perfect solution for outdoor cafes as there is nowhere to get stuck with women heels and the PVC binder makes it durable and resistant to temperature extremes.

Террасная доска Holzdorf

Terrace in the cottage near Moscow 

Works on installation of terraces in a luxury cottage village near Moscow with use of PVC seamless decking holzhof. Today we can say that the brown decking holzhof is the most popular among buyers because of its noble colors and unique seamless installation.

Holzhof WPC decking on the terrace

Holzdorf fences can now perform supporting function. Poles reinforcement system with a metal cup made of steel pipe 89cm in diameter and welded bottom glide. Railings are fixed with steel corners with screws. This construction is quite reliable and still has a decent appearance.

Ограждение для террасы

Organization of a summer kitchen on the porch

What a pleasure - spending the day outdoors. You do not want to cook indoors, and the food cooked in the open air seems much tastier. This reality is amplified with a pleasant time spent at the table in nature. A solution to this problem is quite simple - the organization of the porch for cooking and for recreation.

Декоративные ограждения Holzdorf на эксплуатируемой кровле

Decorative fences on exploited roof

We performed an installation of decorative fences of living house's exploited roof. White fences, green artificial grass in all weathers and seasons will please the sight in bright colors for residents and guests. Fences for terraces of WPC simple and spectacular decision.

ECODECK decking around aquazone

We stacked 650 sq.m. ECODECK decking around the aqua zone in the exclusive village of the new format of rest and some recreation centers in a unique corner of the Moscow region. Terrace with lake view tastefully blended into the interior of the entire complex of buildings of recreation area. And it's just a start

Монтаж резиновой плитки

Rubber tiles on the playground

Brigade of our installers performed EcoStep rubber tiles installation on the playground in a country house. Coating is made on the sandy base of a rubber cover size 500 x 500 x 40mm. Safe area for children complexes was more than 100 sq.m.

Decorative fences holzhof in a summer terrace at the restaurant "In the dark ?!"

In the unique restaurant in Moscow performed the installation of WPC decorative fences. Interior of a summer terrace looks special. The idea of the interior and service (almost complete darkness in the restaurant and the blind waiters) was almost transferred to a summer terrace - an absolutely black decking and light white fencing. We invite you to visit this unique institution, because impressions are indelible.

Балкон из террасной доски

Decking holzhof on a balcony in a coutry house

The surface area of 12 sqm. Our mobile teams coped with the work within a few hours, underscoring the simplicity holzhof decking installation. Decent appearance, durability and minimal care makes the exploitation process enjoyable.

Терраса и ограждение из ДПК

Decking and decorative fences holzhof on the second floor balcony

We've performed and installation of decking and decorative fences in a business class cottage village. Decorative railings on the balcony of the 2nd floor are mounted on a steel square tube 70cm. This allows you to safely stay on the terrace. Flooring made of wood-polymer composite holzhof gives a unique appearance. Colour fits the interior perfectly.

Летнее кафе с Holzdorf

Decking holzhof in summer cafe

Cafes, restaurants are places where it is important to have no gaps between the boards. The uniqueness of holzhof decking is a seamless design. Therefore, it is ideal for these places. Also, the use of such a decking material significantly saves the time that would be spent on the construction. Install seamless decking HOLZDORF on sundecks, terraces and open-air cafes, and do not worry for the things that will fall on the terrace decking holzhof, as well as for the women heel.

Террасный настил фото

Decking holzhof on the outdoor porch

Adaptability to harsh Russian winter conditions - one of the advantages of WPC decking holzhof. Therefore, you may be calm about the excellent appearance of the board, laid in the open air, even in the Russian winter (summer, spring and autumn).

Decorative fences on the closed terrace, porch, as well as at the entrance to the bath

On the covered terrace, porch, as well as at the entrance to the baths we made an installation of holzhof decorative fences . The porch is the first thing guests see when entering the house. It is a reflection of the owners of the house. 
Decorative enclosures holzhof are ideal for fencing of: terraces, porches, balconies. They can also replace ordinary wooden railing.

Decking holzhof around the pool

Decking is not afraid of moisture. This is a very good alternative to stone and tile, which firstly cold, and secondly - slippery. A WPC decking has a warm tactile properties and a very high coefficient of friction. Therefore it will be comfortable to walk around the pool barefoot without fear of slipping. Just imagine how nice it would be to go to the pool warm autumn days barefoot and every cell of your foot feel droplets of dew.

Decking holzhof on the pierce

This pier is mounted in the Leningrad region. It is based on holzhof terrace boards seamless, screw piles as the foundation, the frame is made of a metal pipe with square section. To make the finished appearance we used an L-shaped aluminum corner. The length of the floor is 50 meters, width of 1.5 meters. Thanks to its qualities: strength (withstand a load on the point of 200 kg / m2), water resistance, abrasion resistance, you can be sure that you get a nice, finished product.

ECODECK Decking on the outdoor porch

In the Moscow region mounted a terrace of seamless ECODECK board. This board is made by extrusion of wood-polymer composite. Though the product belongs to the segment of the economy, it has pretty good quality.

Benches of Darvolex decking

Benches on the main Sochi square. Feature of these benches is that they are made of composite decking Darvoleks. A mixture of thermoplastic polymer and wood fibers mixed with a heat treatment. Darvolex coatings combine the aesthetics and comfort of solid wood), which gives a number of advantages in operation: no need in periodic paint, and the service life is much longer than the wood has.

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