Solid deck plank holzhof

The piers and marinas, fishing bridges and decks of ships are the most difficult places for decking. Therefore the builders in our country quite often tormented by the question: what shall they install? Sea water or fresh water, rain or sun ... And sometimes boats and yachts owners shed fuel or oil on the piers. What kind of cover to choose?

Polymer deck plank holzhof for piers,yachts and ships (ship-board)

  1. Solid - withstands high shock loads.
  2. Higher strength compared with hollow boards.
  3. Double-sided: wood-like (for private use) and velvet (for commercial use).
  4. Low price 
  5. The widest range of application.
  6. High durability: > 20 years of service life.

Size: 22x140x4000mm
Colours: coffee with milk, brown

Доска полнотелая

Application of solid decking on a private pier

доска палубная для причалов

доска для пирсов

 Палубная доска holzhof

доска полнотелая композит

полнотелая палубная доска полимерная

полнотелая доска

Террасная доска полнотелая

доска для пирса

доска палубная

Террасная доска holzhof

Крепление к полнотелой доске

Пирс из полнотелой доски для палуб

Polymer deck plank: advantages and application

Why the holzhof deck plank has become so popular? It's all about specialities and advantages in comparison with wooden board:

  1. This material is much cheaper than tropical timber.
  2. It has quite a nice look.
  3. Moisture resistant to sea and fresh water, durable.
  4. Doesn't change its appearance, even in adverse weather.
  5. It has a special structure, so the surface does not slip in the rain.
  6. It is maintained without changing the properties within more than fifteen years.
    Душ на пирсе из палубной доски
  7. The decking is resistant to UV radiation
  8. Can easily withstand temperature changes, as well as heavy loads.
  9. It is possible to disassemble and assemble multiple times.
  10. Resistant to mold, fungi and insects.
  11. Easily planed, drilled and sawn.

If we consider above mentioned characteristics, it can be asserted that the choice of deck boards - is the right decision. Moreover, among others, and it can be used in the construction and finishing of the following objects:

  1. In construction of patio.
  2. For the arrangement of landscape design.
  3. Wharves, piers for boats.
  4. Restaurant terraces.
  5. Areas near swimming pools and ponds.

Moreover, the polymer deck plank can be used in shower cubicles on the beach (see. photo on the right). And this version of the application is not only aesthetically pleasing and modern, but also practical anddurable. Due to it's characteristics, the installation can be performed fast and easy.

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