WPC stairs Darvolex, Deckron, Ecodeck

You need to organize a descent from the terrace, porch, organize multi-level track, build the descent to the pier? The optimal solution - wide universal stairs, ideal for foot size and the average step. Stairs - the most highly stressed locations of terraces:here you got shock and dynamic loads and the biggest risk of damage of the board with the heel , so our recommendation is based on the great experience - apply ultrastrong solid stairs.

Prices and types of wood-polymer composite stages

WPC Stair Deckron

 Stair Deckron/Darvolex

  • Size: 320x20x4000 mm
  • Weight: 7 kg/l.m. (28 kg/ 1 pc.)

WPC Stairs

 Stair Ecodeck

  • Size: 345x23,5x4000 mm
  • Weight: 8,7 kg/l.m. (34,8 kg/ 1 pc.)

Installation video instruction

Characteristics of WPC stairs

  • Made in Russia
  • Colour range: brown, wenge
  • Surface type: velvet
  • Type of surface treatment: brushing
  • Contains: HDPE - 40%, wood flour - 55%
  • Maximum load: 750 kg/sq.m.
  • Service life: over 25 years

Application of WPC stairs

WPC stair is a massive solid board so it has a high impact resistance and can be applied independently for the construction of piers, quays, decks of ships, and also:

  • For the construction of the tracks in the country site
  • Construction of runs to the river or pier
  • For the installation of stairs of the porch, of terraces
  • For the decoration of ebbs, window sills
  • Manufacturers of benches, cladding of podiums