Decking accessories: lags, corners, end plank

Before you lay decking, you need to prepare a basement and determine the type of fasteners and decorative elements. Before buying a board for the terrace, make sure to calculate the height of the deck to foresee such important issues as the passability (the load on the floor) and the possibility of opening the door (especially in winter when the snow may inflate).

The support profile (lags)

For all sorts of surfaces and board mounting options has 3 types of lags in our range:

  1. Aluminum lagAluminum lag 40 x 60 x 4000 mm - with grooves for easy simple application of screws. Mostly used as "eternal subsystem" with metal clips and without rigid fixation. "Flooring without screws."
  2. WPC lag 35 x 50 x 4000 mm - smooth without grooves, used for installation on concrete basement, on adjustable supports or concrete columns, also for securing the suture decking using the plastic cleats or for seamless board.
  3. WPC lag 35 x 40 x 4000 mm - "lite" with a groove intended only for laying on a concrete foundation for fastening of suture flooring with plastic, metal cleats or for seamless board.
  4. WPC lag 40 x 60 x 4000 mm - multi-purpose, suitable for installation on all kinds of grounds and for the installation of any terrace boards with different cleats.

WPC Stairs

Deck for WPS stairsThe main advantage of the use of special stairs of WPC is their width and solidity. They can withstand any shock loads, have a high fracture toughness (when stepping on the edge), high durability, and convenient in installation. They are practically indispensable for the installation of slopes to the water paths with elevation changes, terraces and porches with stairs.

Corners and plank end elements

Our product range has diverse assortment of corners and plank end elements to give WPC decking terrace a complete and aesthetic appearance


Corner for multi-purpose decking

All-purose decking 18mm,
lag 35x50mm,
corner 28x63mm (inner)


Уголок для Декрон 

Decking Deckron 28mm,
lag 35x40mm,
corner 28x63mm (inner)


Уголок для доски Deckron 

Decking Deckron 28mm,
WPC corner 28x63mm (inner),
(example without lag). 


Уголок для лаги и террасной доски 

Decking Darvolex or Ecodeck 24mm, lag 35x50mm, corner 28x63mm (inner)


 Лага и уголок для Darvolex

Decking Ecodeck or Darvolex 24mm, lag 35x40mm,
corner 28x63mm (inner) 


 Монтаж торцевой планки 

Decking Ecodeck, Darvolex, 24mm, lag 35x50mm,
end plank 70mm


Уголок для бесшовной доски Holzhof

Terrace decking Holzhof seamless 25mm, lag 35x50mm,
corner 25x65mm (inner)



Бесшовная доска уголок и лага 

Terrace decking Holzhof seamless 25мм, lag 35x40mm,
corner 25x65mm (inner)


 Holzhof шовная доска и уголок

 Terrace decking Holzhof
suture 22mm, lag 35x40 mmм,
corner 30x30mm

Color range of corners and end planks corresponds color spectrum of decking. End bar and corner are recommended to be strengthen to the lag with screws or polyurethane sealant.

Clips for decking

An important role in the qualitative installation and therefore in service life of decking have clips for terrace boards fastening. Plastic clips are generally cheaper, but less reliable than metal. Metal with a minimum gap also widely used, but not recommended in zones of high humidity (or the is necessary to provide good ventilation under the floor). Here are some photos of various cleats.


Кляймер пластиковый Deckron

Plastic cleat for terrace decking
Deckron, Darvolex, Ecodeck.
Provides the gap of 3-5mm


Металлический кляймер

Metal cleat
for terrace decking
Deckron, Darvolex, Ecodeck.
Provides the gap of 2mm


 Клипса WOOZEN

Metal clip,
WOOZEN intermediate
with rubber compensator. 
Gap of 5 mm


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