New WPC stairs: Deckron и Darvolex 23.03.2016 08:17

Ступень ДПКWe are expanding the range of one of the most popular products - WPC stairs. Now available in our warehouse composite stairs  that repeat the appearance of terrace boards Deckron and Darvolex.

Greenhouses BARNAS 29.02.2016 11:16

Каркас теплицы под сотовый поликарбонатWant to save on shipping and assembling the frame greenhouses, and at the same time obtain a high strength, durable and modern greenhouse with 2 doors, 2 air vents and wide door? Then pay attention to our greenhouse Barnas.

Metal Sheds BARNAS 15.02.2016 05:42

Сарай металлическийMetal sheds BARNAS are now in stock! Best price with undoubtable quality. 

NEW! Suspended hammock Jamber 12.01.2016 04:43

Гамак JamberFor cottages, houses, picnic or camping. Compact, fast-mounted, light and at the same time comfortable, spacious and bright - new hammock Jamber. Includes bag, weight 6 kg, assembly time of 5 minutes, just find place to hang (eg, wood) and relax.

Beautiful flower beds 11.05.2015 08:00

ЦветникNow in stock! Beautiful and practical flower beds based on the wood-polymer composite! No rot and annual painting! Built it as the constructor and enjoy the look of your garden!

Install the fence in 2 hours! 20.03.2015 08:41

Заменитель бетона HILST ProfessionalConcrete substitute - now available! No more dirt and time wasted! Just mix up 2 liquids and fill the hole! No sand, no water, no efforts!

WPC staris - always in stock 17.02.2015 09:00

Ступени из ДПКYou need to organize a descent from the terrace, porch, organize multi-level track, build the descent to the pier? The optimal solution - wide universal stairs, ideal for foot size and the average step. Stairs - the most highly stressed locations of terraces:here you got shock and dynamic loads and the biggest risk of damage of the board with the heel , so our recommendation is based on the great experience - apply ultrastrong solid stairs.

New seamless decking profile holzhof 20.09.2014 03:23

Террасная доска бесшовнаяThe reduced height of the decking Holzhof to 25mm seamless kept the same strength characteristics due to the additional stiffener (6 now). In addition, the board still has the features: a cardboard sleeve to prevent chipping during transportation and shrink branded packaging.

Updated Ecodeck boards profile 12.02.2014 08:04

Террасная доска EcodeckOn the season 2014 WPC decking Ecodeck received a number of improvements. The most popular and fashionable nowadays color - Wenge, increased rigidity - now 7 ribs, increased width - 165 mm, a popular length of 6 meters. All these innovations will make this board even more popular product among similar boards.

New of the 2013 season: Deckron decking - now in colors! 08.11.2013 04:44

Террасная доска ДекронSales Hit of the season 2013 - Deckron decking. Now this product is now available in a different color range: natural, brown, terracotta, black and gray colors. It has become also possible to order the production of more than 100 sq.m. of any lengths.

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