Terrace decking WPC

Wood-polymer composite - innovative and fast-developing material on the terrace decking market. Material is ecologically safe and, at the same time, exceeds its traditional counterparts in practicality and durability.

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Универсальная доска Holzhof

WPC Decking

Lite: 18x140x3000 mm
Suture, wood-like
Colours: brown, sand, terracotta, black or any other


Декинг Deckron

Terrace decking Deckron

Sizes: 28x153x4000 (6000)mm
Suture, classic velveteen, high durability, clamps economy.
Colours: wenge, light brown


Декинг Ecodeck

Terrace decking Ecodeck

Sizes: 24x162x4000 (6000) mm
Suture, one-sided, unique tracery, clamps economy!
Colours: wenge, brown

 Better. Optimal price/quality ratio.

Террасная доска Olympiya

Terrace decking Olympiya

Sizes: 25x145x4000 (6000) mm
Suture, two-sided: small and wide velvet. High durability (polymer-PWC)
Colours: wenge, sand, terracotta, black or any other


Террасная доска бесшовная

Seamless decking holzhof

Sizes: 25x145x4000 (6000) mm
Seamless, two-sided, high-strength, durable, + clamps economy
Colours: wenge, amber, terracotta, anthracite, others by order


Террасная доска Darvolex

Terrace decking Darvolex

Sizes: 23,5x150x4000 (6000) mm
Suture, classic velveteen.

Colours: wenge, brown

Террасная доска Holzhof с фактурой дерева

Embosed decking holzhof

Lite: 22x140x4000 mm
Suture, wood-like
Colours: brown, coffee with milk, sand, black


Палубная доска Darvolex

Deck plank Darvolex

Sizes: 24x150x4000 mm
Suture, classic velveteen, withstands shock loads
Colours: wenge, brown


Аксессуары для террасной доски

WPC decking accessories

 Plastic and metal clamps, alluminium and WPC lags, corners,
end laths.

Best. High quality. Exquisite design.

Holzhof полнотелая 

Solid decking Holzhof

Sizes: 22x140x4000mm
Suture. Wood texture/classic velveteen.
High impact resistance. Suitable for piers, quays, decks and other public areas

Colours: brown, coffee with milk



WPC Decking Woozen (LG)


Sizes: 25x140x2800mm
Suture, deep embossing. Co-extruded layer: high strength and durability, low abrasion
Colour: brown

How to choose the terrace decking

Completed floors are represented in our objects directory, where you can see the examlpes of our products application.