High-strength composite deck board OLYMPIYA

Profile OLIMPIYA is specifically designed by the technical specialists of our company for commercial buildings with high traffic and high static and shock loads.

Special features

  • High durability - based on  PVC binding.
  • Panel thickness 7mm provides a guarantee of strength under shock loads.
  • Stiffness ribs thickness 5mm provides high rigidity and strength at static loads.
  • Double-sided surface (small classic and wide velvet).
  • The invisibility of flooring seams provides a wide structure of velvet.
  • Antislip treatment of both sides of OLYMPIA decking
  • An additional treatment with tung oil or yacht varnish to give a saturated color is possible
  • Easily restored surface at a rough mechanical damage.
  • Long service life - over 25 years.

Террасная палубная доска Olympiya

Size 145x25x6000 mm, brown

The texture and appearance of the profile

During the design and arrangement of space to relax designer always want to maximize the interior harmony with the surrounding landscape. In this case composite deck board OLYMPIYA,having the conventional antislip surface a stucture (velvet), both in appearance and to the touch, is indistinguishable from genuine wood. Offered color options, double-sided surface, as well as harmonious imperceptible to eye seam profile connection allows you to use this profile in many areas.

Colour range

Composite decking OLYMPIA are always available in brown colour and has the upper surface texture of the classic "velvet" with "antislip" treatment.

Areas of use

Often, full-bodied decking is used as deck boards due to its high strength characteristics. After all, the moist environment of the river and the sea has a very detrimental effect on the wood flooring in the boat or sea liner. Full-bodied polymer deck board can withstand almost any shock, which is a strong argument to choose it as the deck on ships. That's why our deck got a name OLYMPIA, dedicated to the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014.

OLYMPIYA decking installation

One of the WPC decking OLYMPIYA advantages is the simplicity of installation. Flooring canvases form a massive composition, which can also be laid at an angle. Fixing is performed using conventional plastic capping with expansion  compensators. The distance between logs should be maintained for at least 40 cm. As the board has a thermal expansion (by the way - minimal compared to other boards) up to 1 mm / 1 lm, it is necessary to leave expansion joints from the boards end calculating 1mm per each 1 l.m.

Correctly installed floring can even handle a car.

Easy installation of terrace flooring _ this type of profile allows you to to lay it within the shortest possible time. All you need is attention. Such a reliable and unpretentious flooring will serve for many years, showing a sample of modern terrace comfort.

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