WPC GARDECK Deckron decking

Specially developed by GARDECK unique profile decking, which has a number of qualities that distinguishes it from other foreign and domestic manufacturers, with the much lower price than any presented in Russia today for the cover assembled (with lags, fasteners and fixing elements).

Features of Deckron decking

  1. Deсkron decking consists 65% wood, 30% of polymer and 5% of pigments, binders and other additives.
  2. Simple and classic design ("velvet" surface).
  3. It has one working side and doen't have overhang on the top - against breakage when stepping on the edge of the board.
  4. Suture type. Suitable for installation on surfaces of any size.
  5. The good characteristics of strength and a large width: savings on clips and installation time (lag step - 40 cm).

Don't forget to buy WPC corner and lag!

Deckron террасная доска

Size 153x28x4000mm (6000mm).
Colour range: brown and wenge.

Wood-polymer composite and its properties based on GARDECK Deckron decking

As mentioned above, the WPC board includes a filler (flour) and its binding polymer - polyethylene. WPC Gardek Dekron has natural properties of wood, which gives the material properties of the tree (smell, tactile feel, appearance). Surely, the production of composite decking is made with the addition of the polymer, which allows this material to cope with such a nuisance as rotting, warping, discoloration (darkening from exposure to moldy fungi).

Decking Deckron has high resistance to changing weather conditions as it does not contain hazardous chemical elements and not affected by the destruction of parasitic bacteria. If the floor covering installed in the open air,it will remain aesthetic in any weather conditions for at least 10 years.

Comparative characteristics of WPC and larch decking

If we compare with the heat-treated larch, our board is much cheaper. And yet, in contrast to the larch, there is absolutely no additional costs for painting and treatment with antiseptic. Deckron almost requires no care and cleaned up with plain water. At the same time, WPC service live is sufficiently large (at least 10 years).

After a couple of years of operation, a larch requires additional application of paint (varnishing), an antiseptic and impregnation. For about 5 years larch service time it might require a complete replacement, because during this period the material can start to crack, peel off, change the color or even start the process of decay.

Choosing our flooring you can permanently secure the peace and comfort and forget about building and repair.

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