Metal sheds

Metall household buildings has long and firmly established themselves all over the world as reliable and durable construction.

Advantages over capital structures

  • Easy to transport by the car - compact boxes.
  • Fast assembly. Two people can set it up within 3-5 hours.
  • Aesthetic appearance - profiled metal in the form of a siding.
  • No rust. Metal has several layers of protection: galvanized + powder coating.
  • No annual painting, easy to wash with just water.
  • Chemically resistant to almost any aggressive household substances.
  • Doesn’t change color. Powder coating is more resistant to fading than any enamels.
  • Convenient sliding doors, which increase the effective area.
  • Ventilation provides drying of the internal space.

Prices and model range of metal sheds BARNAS (Russia)

Сарай металлический 2х3м

Metal shed
Barnas 3x2m

S intern. ~5,65 m2
Internal dimensions (floor):
290(ш)*195(г)*184(в) см,
Outside dimensions:
300x197x184 cm,
The width of the doorway 145 cm

Package: 160x60x11см (2 pcs.)
180x10x10cm (1 pc.)
Weight 120 kg.
In stock!

Price: 343 €

Металлический сарай 3х3м

Metal shed
Barnas 3x3m


S interm. ~8,6 m2
Internal dimensions (floor):
290x295x184 cm,
Outside dimensions:
300x297x184x cm,
The width of the doorway 145 cm

Package: 160x60x11cm (2 pcs.)
180x10x10cm (1 pс.)
160x60x15cm (1 pc.)
Weight 140 kg.
In stock!

Price: 411€

Сарай Barnas 3х4

Metal shed
Barnas 3x4m

S intern. ~11,5 m2 
Internal dimensions (floor):
290x395x184 cm,
Outside dimensions:
300x397x184 cm,
The width of the doorway 145 cm

Package: 160x60x11cm (2 pcs.)
180x10x10cm (1 pc.)
160x60x15cm (2pc.)
Weight 160 kg.
In stock!

Price: 480 €

  • Frame system gives maximum stiffness.
  • Crab connectors provide fast speed and easy assembly.
  • Metall profile sheet thickness of 0,4mm is a durability and strength.
  • Anchor corners to secure the shed to the ground.

Attention! Dimensions width and depth are specified to the base. Height specified external from the bottom to the top of the roof ridge.


Усилитель кровли

Roof amplifier

Barnas 3x2m - 28,8 €
Barnas 3x3m - 49,3 €
Barnas 3x4m - 65,8 €

Основание для металлических сараев

Floor frame from tubes (not basement)

Model Barnas 3x2m - 49,3 €
Model Barnas 3x3m - 74 €
Model Barnas 3x4m - 99 €


Set of shelves

3 pcs. in pack
Price: 24,7 €

Attention! Roof amplifiers are obligatory for snow areas with category 3 or higher.

Metal sheds metal application areas

  • For pumping station.
  • If there is a need to restrict access to the well with water and make it safe and aesthetically, and also to protect from dust, dirt and rain water.
  • To ennoble access to the underground vegetable store.
  • To hide the equipment and accessories for swimming pools, and also to make "cultural" the access system of water treatment facilities.
  • To hide electrical generator, compressor, gas tank, as well as get rid of the noise of operating equipment.
  • To hide outdoor furniture, barbecue or grill and other utensils.
  • Provide storage of lawn mowers, mini tractors and garden equipment. 
  • For storage of sports equipment (bikes, skis, snowboards, sleds, etc.).
  • As warehouse - storage of soil, seeds, seedlings and plants.
  • For drying and storing of firewood, coal, sawdust and hay.
  • Also, these household building are suitable for storage of seasonal tires

Photos of application

IMG_0785 Front view Side view 2 Side view



Installation of household buildings

  • The recomended number of persons - at least 2
  • The base should be smooth, made of concrete, metal or wooden rails
  • Don't install in strong winds
  • Wear gloves to protect hands from cuts
  • Tools required: drill with magnetic tip, a ladder, level, measure tape, screwdriver, wrench
  • Installation usually takes 4 hours
  • Once fully assembled, secure the structure to the ground
  • Be careful: don't walk on the box and sheets
  • Before installation, read instructions carefully for each model

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