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WPC staris - always in stock 17.02.2015 09:00

Ступени из ДПК

You need to organize a descent from the terrace, porch, organize multi-level track, build the descent to the pier? The optimal solution - wide universal stairs, ideal for foot size and the average step. Stairs - the most highly stressed locations of terraces:here you got shock and dynamic loads and the biggest risk of damage of the board with the heel , so our recommendation is based on the great experience - apply ultrastrong solid stairs.

This type of profile is supplied in size of 4 metersthat allows to have minimal trimming during installation, and in two colors: brown and wenge. Ideal stairs match by the color and type of surface treatment (brushes) with the boards of the following brands: Darvolex, Deckron and Ecodeck.

Also, experience has shown that board-stairs gained considerable popularity for the production of benches, design of parapets (mainly pools), window sills, countertops fabrication on a summer kitchen. Detailed description of the characteristics and the price on the stairs of WPC page.

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