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Updated Ecodeck boards profile 12.02.2014 08:04

Террасная доска Ecodeckn the season 2014 WPC decking Ecodeck received a number of improvements. The most popular and fashionable nowadays color - Wenge, increased rigidity - now 7 ribs, increased width - 165 mm, a popular length of 6 meters. All these innovations will make this board even more popular product among similar boards.

It should be noted that this type of product was therefore one of the most popular. We are proud of those objects which are made from this board, some of them you can see in our papers or see personally directly on objects. They are popular due to several factors: the unusual surface, a broad canvas allows more rapid installation and significant savings on the mounting clips. Currently, a 4-meter board is also in stock (usually easier and cheaper to transport), and also all the accessories for it: joists and end bracket.

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